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     God of destruction :

Beerus is the overpowerd , lazy , angry , sleepy and food loving god . beerus is the character who looks like a cat and is said to be the god of destruction of universe 7 in which goku and his friend live , beerus is said to have too much of power which allows him to destroy planets as a whole within a matter of seconds .

             Beerus is know to love food too much , infact it has been shown that the god of destruction beerus is seen goin from planets to planets tasting food and judging it , if beerus doesnt like the food prepared to please him then he is seen to destroy the planet . and what more do we need to get to point that he is extremly tempered .

           Beerus is also shown as extremely lazy in behaviour but is not shown fat like lot of lazy people or cats but is infact shown to have a skinny body , maintaining his appetite . beerus has his assistant (whis) who also servers him as his teacher, all the necessities of beerus is looked after by whis . to read more about beerus check out the whis post …

         Beerus is also very sleepy , in his intro he is shown to be very sleepy and to have woken up from a long sleep of about 34 earth years .

          Beerus is the first god to have been introduced in the dbz series, beerus and whis move around the universe seeking new strong people to serve them a purpose and also to treat them with tasty meals .

           Beerus is shown highly strong and seems to defeat goku using just his finger and seems to avoid his attacks in air .



The god of destruction is shown living in the above palace surrounding some random planets , he also tends to destroy these floating planets just while sneezing .

Overall the character is good towards goku and friends and sometimes parties with them , and meets bulma for his breakfast dinner and lunch . 


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