I am used to watching dragon ball z      all the time and am super excited to see         the new dbz super , its already been    around 90 episodes when i am writing this post and it seems that dbz super is one of the best part of dbz yet to come .

            Dbz comes in a lot of parts , but the best ones include dragon ball , dragon ball gt , dragon ball super , dragon ball z ,  and ball super being one of the best series and has been aired by an animation company called toei animation .


            DBZ super fans are all familiar with characters like goku , gohan , picalo , vegeta , bulma , trunks and to some extent , gotens and kid trunks .

            The new series presents some cool new super characters like zamasu , great kai , witch (who is a sister to master roshi) , beerus (the god of destruction) , and his angel who is called as whis , and whis’s sister who is found with another godly character champa (brother to beerus) . 

            The new dragon ball super features some exciting concepts within it which includes 12 universes , xeno sama and other great space characters . All the info on the new characters will be available through next posts .

             The upcoming episodes in the series is said to have a tournament the call THE TOURNAMENT OF POWER , which poses a condition to ERASURE OF THE UNIVERSES of all the loosing universes .

             And at the end of the day goku seems to be unconcerned about the conditions of the tournament of power and tends to enjoy it instead .

              Overall dbz super is said to have some cool new fantasy and mystery behind it so make sure u watch dbz super .

             Goku’s transformation into ssj blue is another exithing post which you can check out  . 


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