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      CLASH OF CLANS is a widely spread global gaming platform which promises more users then any other game in its category .

            The game CLASH OF CLANS is a strategy based worldwide game where players are provided with a base and are encouraged to build a kingdom of their own , This game presently consists of eleven different levels and hundreds of items , troops , structures to build and upgrade which are achieved by leveling up your townhall , to add more fun to your game a king , queen and a hero are provided which can be controlled in online multiplayer battles , the game is easily download able on playstore , applestore and other unofficial sites.  Guys its more exciting than it seems , dont forget to try the game .

           The new update provided on  22-may-2017 is one of the newest and overwhelming update ever provided to the gamers , The game is currently of 81mb and still upgrading .

           The biggest advantage of starting this strategy game is that it’s regularly updated and believe me guys , this is a huge advantage  cause , many good game’s are not regularly updated but you can always expect to get help and updates regulary from the supercell team , who own the game .

               This page will contain interesting  post’s on tactics of clash of clans and information on troops , info on new troops and how to use them .

So to keep in touch just follow us and we shall take care of the rest for you .

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   The new barbarians  are land troops in the strategy clash of clans , they are worth mentioning , just check out what they can do . See the new version of himself as well . 



Ability : rage for few seconds , depends on its level . 

Weapon : axe 

Wats new : its an improved version of the old barbarian , with an ability to rage within a short spn of time . 

       The troop is from the game clash of clan which is currently one of the best strategy games avilable , 

    Barbarin is a well used and firt troop available to any person who starts clash of clans , the barbarian is given an axe in his hand he just goes and performs a lavishing attack on anything he can find close to him.

Barbarin has a very low hit point compared to others hence less durable in attacks .

Other perks :

  • Low cost to produce 
  • More number of troops are available for attacks
  • Can perform a minimum of 50% damage , which is enough to get a star . 
  •  It was found barbarians are largly used in the game , as they can be used to perform combination attacks .
  • Barbarians are also used as a shield while attacking 
  • They are used as luring troop to reveal traps and clan castle troops .

To check out what these troops can do u can download clash of clans . 

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