Finally , 2017 Dragon Ball Super . I am used to watching dragon ball z all the time and am super excited to see  the new dbz super , its already been  around 90 episodes when i am writing this post and it seems that dbz super is one of the best part of dbz yet to come .             Dbz comes in a lot of parts , but the best ones include dragon ball , dragon ball gt , dragon ball super , dragon ball z and ball super being one of the best series and has been aired by an animation company called toei animation .


First Experience at Comic Con — INDROSPHERE

My friend Akum came to me on December 5 with the news of Delhi Comic Con 2018 being held in New Delhi from December 7 to 9. The first thing that came to my mind when I heard Comic Con would be Cartoon characters, cosplays etc. I was filled with joy and excitement since I … Continue reading First Experience at Comic Con — INDROSPHERE

Charlotte Mackey — TresA

📷 : MTSP Photography Teenage actress Charlotte Mackey already has a number of professional roles behind her including short film Cool Fashion Girls and upcoming Sci-Fi release Jiva. Charlotte also had a role in award-winning short fantasy drama The Watchmaker, where she played the role of thirteen-year-old Annie and as well as acting, she is … Continue reading Charlotte Mackey — TresA

Piracy – Heart of the Internet ( Part 1 )

Piracy – Heart of the Internet ( Part 1 ) Here’s why Netflix, hulu, sling, Amazon prime, HBO due and many others have strategist planning over the years to fight the biggest crime industry i.e., Piracy. The need to download popular shows like Narcos, stranger things, black mirror, mind hunter without having to pay for … Continue reading Piracy – Heart of the Internet ( Part 1 )

Avengers end game black widow the best cosplay’s | Cosplay

Avengers end game black widow the best cosplay's | Cosplay avengers, big-boobs, black, black widow, comicon, comics, cosplay, end-game, gun, MARVEL, rubber-costume, theory #images #dragonball #anime #infinity war #boruto #naruto #cosplay #comicon ORIGINALLY BY : https://ift.tt/2VglKIS February 24, 2019 at 12:41PM