Why Harley quinn is so important in Suicide Squad .

Are you a true fan of dc comic and harley quinn.
Then check out harley quinn’s history .
Harley quinn is a beautiful ,sexy , blond villan of the  DC world . Her story goes a long way into batman’s beloved city arkham . she made her first appearence in batman animated series followed by other comic’s and movies such as sucide squad and has been a prominent character in the series’s eversince .

SASUKE UCHIHA….  there remain only few that understood this mystery…..

Sasuke uchiha [ saske ] is the super cool dark , mysterious and cold personality seen in the manga NARUTO . The manga is the known to be famously scripted by Masashi Kishimoto  , its also accepted that Masashi Kishimoto experienced lot of difficulty in drawing and maneuvering today’s legend , famously admired and known face of sasuke .  The reason behind difficulty of creation could simply range upon how wild and evil the character should be presented to the readers and so the greatly loved character was borne . here’s some stuff about sasuke’s history and transformation .

TOKYO GHOUL ….. touka !

Touka an half-ghoul . Tokyo ghoul is dark fantasy featuring an alternative life of people at Tokyo written by Sui Ishida , the writer prefers narrating the fantasy about a young boy Kamishiro who is a student and just like his fellow mates desides to go on a date when his date reveals herself as a ghoul and attack’s him such that he barely survives .


one punch man is an unbelievably strong character by the manga , one punch man writen by One . The character in the manga is known for his super strong punch and his tendency to defeat his enemies in a single blow , hence the name one punch man . The name given to this character is…

New stuff ….. THE BARBARIANS …. 

    The new barbarians  are land troops in the strategy clash of clans , they are worth mentioning , just check out what they can do . See the new version of himself as well .  VISIT US : Name : BARBARIAN Ability : rage for few seconds , depends on its level .  Weapon :…


  CLASH OF CLANS is a widely spread global gaming platform which promises more users then any other game in its category .

            The game CLASH OF CLANS is a strategy based worldwide game where players are provided with a base and are encouraged to build a kingdom of their own