Why Harley quinn is so important in Suicide Squad .



             Harley quinn is a beautiful ,sexy , blond villan of the  DC world . Her story goes a long way into batman’s beloved city arkham . she made her first appearence in batman animated series followed by other comic’s and movies such as sucide squad and has been a prominent character in the series’s eversince .

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Harley Quinn introduction and appearence :


 Harley quinn is introduced as Dr.Harleen Quinzel an intern in the arkham city asylum , who develops an interest in the character of the famously known villain “The Joker ” . Harleen quinzel then falls in love for his sweet and vicious talks and his wild dream’s . she develops sympathy for him , listening to his sorrowful history (which are mostly a lie ) and decides to help joker escape from the arkham asylum , she chooses to dress herself in the iconic clown costume symbolizing  the rise of Harley quinn ( The Jokers girl ).

History of Harley Quinn :


 Amidst many and diverse theories about harley Quinn’s past we choose believe the closely related and the widely accepted theoretical story of her past which goes something like this …

Harleen quinzel was born and brought up in the city of arkham where she lived along with her mother and brother , her father is believed to be a con-man using his charm to destroy womens life and take their wealth from them , harleen desides to become a psychologist to understand the reason that turned her father into a con-man , but not being good at studies she decides to take another way into her field and succeeds in her goal and becomes a psychologist being an intern , volunteering to study the psychology of criminals . Harleen was pursuing her life untill she met joker who uses her to escape the asylum and turning her into Harley Quinn , madley in love with the joker she follows him and becomes his beautiful sidekick .

Why is harley quinn so important in sucide squad :

  •        The movie sucide squad portrays many villains who are caught by batman among which are deadshot and Harley Quinn . 
  •     Since the movie , harley quinn has gained immense popularity as a frictional character added as a symbol of beauty in suicide squad . 
  •     Even though her comic versions , animated version’s were overlooked by cosplay artist’s . The release of the movie suicide squad her encouraged the sexy harley quinn cosplay artist’s.
  •     Overall dc ( comic ) fans and fiction enthusiasts are looking forward for harley’s next debue in movies .

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