Zen-oh sama ( omni king ) …… He can literally destroy universe’s in seconds .

Other Names : zeno Sama , omni king , omni Chan , all-chan , zen-chan , zen-oh , zeno-Chan.

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Omni king or zeno sama is a fictional character found in the infamous dragon ball super series , his capabilities range from destruction of LITERALLY ANYTHING FOUND in the UNIVERSE to the UNIVERSE itself .

Omni king is first made his appearance in the dragon ball super series . he can be portrayed as having a striped blue and purple face and a striped dress to counterpart his appearance .

He can be seen easily lured by people like goku when talked about things like a fight , martial arts , tournament , about friendship , strength , games and such other things  but doing such a thing ( I.e., being in contact with him ) can cause a huge mess keeping in mind his strength here’s an example of how he uses his power , it is told that there were 18 universe in total but zeno got bored and destroy’s 6 of the universe . 

   Zeno is assisted by a saintly like person addressed as Grand Priest who is considered to be one of the top 5 fighters among 12 universe’s . The king is seen protected by tall and thin but strong and powerful creatures which surround him constantly . 

Zeno and goku : 

   The relationship between omni king and goku is quite like friend’s . the king himself is seen approaching goku in the series and lending him a BUTTON which can summon zeno sama to where ever he wants to and where ever he wants to , most people who know zeno sama’s presence are not delighted to have such a thing on earth , this includes the god of destruction Beerus and Whis !!! .

 Question’s about zen oh sama

  • Who/what is omni king ?

                Omni king is the all powerful god ranked #1 in terms of power , respect and position in the dragon ball world .

  • What can zen oh sama do ?

                 He can apparently destroy universe’s in second’s , that’s what he can do !

  • Rank in dragon ball world ? 

            Above every thing anyone can possibly find in the series .

  • History and origin of zeno ? 

             It is officially not revealed by the creators of dragon ball super but there are many fan theories about the origin of the omni king 

The bottom line : 

 The bottom line is that the omni king ( zeno sama ) does not a fight and is above all God’s of destruction and angels like Beerus , champa ,  Whis and vados respectively.

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