TOKYO GHOUL ….. touka !

TOUKA : Tokyo ghoul….


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               Tokyo ghoul is dark fantasy featuring an alternative life of people at Tokyo written by Sui Ishida , the writer prefers narrating the fantasy about a young boy Kamishiro who is a student and just like his fellow mates desides to go on a date when his date reveals herself as a ghoul and attack’s him such that he barely survives .

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he is then taken to the hospital in critical condition. After recovering, Kaneki[touka] discovers that he underwent a surgery that transformed him into a half-ghoul. This was accomplished because some of Rize[ghoul] organs were transferred into his body, and he was informed that like normal ghouls, he must now consume human flesh to survive.


For people who don’t know ghouls are individuals who can only survive by eating human flesh , they live among normal humans in secret hiding their true nature to evade pursuit from the people , hunters and slayers .

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A meta human or a half-ghoul is said to have energy flow beyond humans .  A few among such mysterious powers Include enhanced speed, senses, and regenerative ability.  A regular ghoul is several times stronger than a normal human, has a skin resistant to ordinary piercing weapons and has at least one special predatory organ called a “Kagune”, which it can use as a weapon during combat .


kaneki[touka] also becomes a victim to a ghoul transforming him into a half-ghoul and there by granting him his boons like speed , enhanced senses and other combat ability to survive amidst his kind and humans as well .

After his incident witch turns him into a half-ghoul he i forced to stay away from humans for personal queries and decides to lead his lonely life , while he was invited to work in a coffee shop amidst many half-ghouls and ghouls .

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There after Toyuka struggles to stay on his feet battling other ghouls as well as humans , leading his nowhere else but to the well known NO MANS LAND . 

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