SASUKE UCHIHA….  there remain only few that understood this mystery…..

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Sasuke uchiha [ saske ] is the super cool dark , mysterious and cold personality seen in the manga NARUTO . The manga is the known to be famously scripted by Masashi Kishimoto  , its also accepted that Masashi Kishimoto experienced lot of difficulty in drawing and maneuvering today’s legend , famously admired and known face of sasuke .  The reason behind difficulty of creation could simply range upon how wild and evil the character should be presented to the readers and so the greatly loved character was borne . here’s some stuff about sasuke’s history and transformation .


In the story Sasuke is one of the several surviving members of the Uchiha clan, an infamous and powerful family of ninjas who were allied to the village of Konohagakure who were mercilessly massacred by Sasuke’s older brother, Itachi Uchiha  at the begining of the series . This incident left sasuke in pain and quoted Sasuke’s entire purpose for living would be to avenge the destruction of his clan  by killing his brother. these incidents were non bearable causing him to remain cold and uncaring towards human connection. As the series progresses, Sasuke becomes more intolerant towards his team which was numbered as team 7 , notably Naruto Uzumaki, whom he consider’s a rival.

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when he was seven years old , his life only being spared because his brother deemed him unworthy of killing . This became a message to sasuke that if you are no strong you do not exist to the world , encouraged by his ultimate failure sasuke decides to join and train  along with the best .  At first he was assigned to Team 7  and  Sasuke is portrayed as antisocial and superior and is initially unwilling to cooperate with his team members but sasuke always had a will to fight and gain more power to fulfill what he considered his destiny . Following his own principles he reaches his ultimate stage .

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Sasuke Uchiha’s awakened sharingan :

Sasuke awakens his Sharingan, the genetic ability of the Uchiha clan to see through Genjutsu, which allows him to see imperceptible movements and learn, prevent them via imitation at a super-human rate. As time passes, Sasuke begins to seek stronger and stronger opponents in order to convince himself he is growing stronger .

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During the training exams, Team 7 encounters Konoha village deserter Orochimaru, who infects Sasuke with a curse mark. When active the mark increases Sasuke’s physical abilities but makes him cruel and sadistic, as the mark contains a fragment of Orochimaru’s consciousness .After two-and-a-half years of training, Sasuke attempts to kill a weakened Orochimaru before Orochimaru can possess Sasuke’s body . Orochimaru attempts to force the body switch, but Sasuke is able to reverse the process, absorbing Orochimaru . which grants saske his desired power to defeat his brother but it was too late for him  .


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In the later episodes it can be seen that naruto who has a will strong enough to fight sasuke encounters a real problem madara who seems to be the creator of all beings and something had turned her way around , this situation calls for the powerful naruto and sasuke who had unlocked their respective tail abilities to hunt her down with the help of their friends and colleague’s , during the span of the battle naruto unleach the true powers given to them by indra and asura , and defeat all evil plots of madara.

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Finally the series ends with an epic fight between naruto and sasuke in which both these fierce warriors loose a hand , which marks the end of a dramatic sequence . naruto and his clan is seen free and enjoying their days at the end of the series and announcing the birth of a new era of their children which is being presented presently as boruto .

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