one punch man is an unbelievably strong character by the manga , one punch man writen by One . The character in the manga is known for his super strong punch and his tendency to defeat his enemies in a single blow , hence the name one punch man .

One punch man by one


The name given to this character is SAITAMA , and is shown to have access to unlimited power . In the manga saitama has a sort of bored and upset life and seems in search of his destiny , at this point of his life saitama meets a kid who was troubled by a villain and tries to save the boy , this leeds to saitama expressing his feelings of becoming a  hero and his dreams of becoming strong .

one punch man training scene

There after saitama practices so hard everyday for 3 years and sort of awakens his inner power leading to is super hero form . In the manga Saitama looses his hair during the coarse of his training and builds up this strong body with the ability to finish off his enemies with a single punch .

One punch man , saitama fight

saitama then applies to become a certified super hero at the super hero association where he can be seen clearing his physical test in an astonishing way on the other hand failing in his theory test and landing in as a C grade HERO .

Image result for saitama testImage result for saitama test


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