This post might not contain everything about the epic character VEGETA who was crafted to keep a lifelong,death defying competition with earth’s strongest character goku , but neither can we find everything about vegeta elsewhere . 


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        This epic character is known to be the vegeta prince of saiyans . The story of vegeta starts from his home planet named after him ” vegeta ” which is the home planet of the saiyans , born and brought up in a saiyan warrior race , vegeta was crafted to grow into a fearsome warrior .

Today the character  has more admirers than any other character in whole of dragon ball real life . The character of prince vegeta is totally accepted by anime fans like us to be the best ever rival created to face goku and is one of the most loved character by anime fan world .

Even though initially he was hated by many , His unstoppable will to defeat goku and establish himself as the prince of saiyans was inspiring to many anime fans.

Freeza , destroying planet vegeta

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In the original dbz series vegeta is kept away from his family and home planet by an evil character named freeza ,  who plans to keep the prince of saiyns to serve him , but vegeta manages to escape his clutches and move around from planet to planet destroying it untill he meets ” son goku ” .

Vegeta enters earth alomg with two of his associates called nappa and raditz , and plans to destroy earth like any other planet but meets goku who was a martial artist , goku fights his way through nappa and raditz and reaches vegeta to fight him , this is the point of time at which the rivalry between the two greatest warriors in the anime universe began .
Vegeta then faces goku , even though he looses he admires gokus strength and is also jelous of not possessing such skills even though he is a prince , but vegeta the greatest warrior was willing to give it his all to train hard and achieve a much greater power compared to goku .

With this moto in mind vegeta never stops training , he is seen training thought the series in dragon ball and achieving greater height of power level as the series advances .

This strong character reaches his ultimate strength level stage by stage , i.e., ssj 1 , ssj 2 , ssj blue which is also know as the god level of power . vegeta’s will to never stop training has goten him to such a stage where people love to watch what skills vegeta demonstrates in his fights .

In his journey to fight vegeta definitely might beat the strongest warriors in the universe but there is yet to come , since the tournament of power is about to take place vegeta wants to cross his power limits . which will promise an amazing show to it’s viewers .



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